Our Story

Twinklebelle Design Inc.

A leader in outdoor fashion for kids, Twinklebelle Design enables kids to play outside in all weather by designing and distributing ethically produced outdoor clothing since 2008. Jan & Jul Rain or Shine Clothing is designed & tested in famously beautiful and rainy Vancouver, BC, Canada. Created by moms who understand the power and magic of getting little ones into nature, no matter the weather!

The Evolution of Jan & Jul

Inspired by Vancouver’s greatest assets – its rain & its sun – in 2015, Twinklebelle Design created the brand Jan & Jul (January and July) to help kids & families stay outside longer, in all weather.

Meet Our Founder – Florence Luo

“I became an engineer because I wanted to improve the lives of people around me, but my passion was always sewing and knitting”

Growing up in a cotton farming region in rural China, Florence learned everything about processing cotton – from hand spinning, dyeing to finally knitting & sewing the family’s clothing. At the age of 25 Florence left China on a scholarship to pursue a post-graduate engineering degree at the University of Minnesota. Florence worked as a mechatronics research engineer for several employers including the University of California and ASML, with two engineering patents registered under her name.

With the birth of her two daughters, Florence’s inspiration skyrocketed in making comfortable and functional clothing for her children. Her original idea of adjustable sun hats was conceived and prototyped for her daughters while living in sunny California. This was the beginning of Florence’s Gro-With-Me® design concepts. Florence switched from working full time to teaching part-time at The University of British Columbia so that she could spend more time at home with her girls, and it was during this time that Twinklebelle Design was born.

“Growing up playing in the dirt, I’ve always believed in the power and magic of getting little ones into nature”.

Now, Florence’s drive comes from wanting to empower women in Canada & China by supporting them through fair wages and a flexible work schedule. Giving back has always been a priority for Florence – from education scholarships to donating to the World Food Organization.