Jan & Jul Wholesale USA and International

Wholesale Policy

Minimum Order:

$100 FOB Vancouver, BC, Canada or Blaine, WA, USA.
For new customers: First order must be $250 or more.


Back orders under $100 will be automatically cancelled unless instructed by retailers.


Credit card payment is required at time of shipment. Assessment of credit can take up to 3 weeks upon receipt of a credit application. We reserve the right to remove terms at any time.

Return Policy: 

Claims of damaged goods must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of goods. Shortage claims must be made within 10 days. Please contact [email protected] with pictures for any defective items.

Cancellation Policy: 

Any cancellation of orders must reach us two weeks prior to ship date and need to be cleared by our office. Refused orders and returns will incur a 20% restocking fee and freight fees.

Discount Policy: 

In the effort to continually support the success of Jan & Jul retailers, we are updating our pricing and promotion policy. We reserve the right to revoke wholesale accounts with any violation of this policy.

Your published price: Jan & Jul’s MSRP price +/- $0.99

The price on your store tags, websites and all other channels must reflect the published price. Retailers are permitted to occasionally offer discounts of up to 10% off the published price without notifying us.


Retailers are also permitted to run the following promotional events:

  1. Flash sale events (up to 48 hours, at least 3 weeks apart), up to 20% discount  
  2. Spring & Summer Clearance: July 30, 2024, and after, up to 50% discount 
  3. Black Friday: Nov 29 – Dec 2, 2024, up to 30% discount 
  4. Boxing Day: Dec 26 – 31 2024, up to 40% discount 
  5. Fall & Winter Clearance: Jan 31, 2024, and after, up to 50% discount 
  6. Two additional promotional events of your choice within one calendar year (ex. Anniversary Sale), up to 30% discount, with each event running for up to four days. Please notify Jan & Jul about these events. 


Janandjul.com will be running the following two promotional events per the allotment outlined in point 6 above:

  • Jump into Spring: Up to four days in the Spring, selected spring items up to 30% discount 
  • Canada Day Celebration: Up to four days in late June/early July 2024, selected spring & summer items up to 30% discount 

Sales Channels:

Retailers must stock and sell our goods on their own premises and on their own website only. Retailers must not sell our goods on marketplace websites such as eBay or Amazon, social networking websites, other online sites, or any online media platforms without permission from us.


Selling rights on E-marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. are not granted


Actual fabric colours & prints may appear slightly different than they do on-screen